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                  Key topics:   ?HK's Return: 25th Anniversary ?China Mosaic


                  President Xi calls for peace, development, openness, innovation to build high-quality BRICS partnership

                  Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted the 14th BRICS Summit via video link on Thursday evening in Beijing, calling on BRICS countries to safeguard world peace and tranquility, boost development, and unleash the potential and vitality of cooperation.

                  ? Full text of 14th BRICS Summit Beijing Declaration

                  UAE embassy, UN emphasize importance of women's empowerment

                  The Embassy of the UAE in Beijing and the U.N. in China co-hosted a dialogue to emphasize the importance of women's empowerment on Thursday.

                  Hong Kong Palace Museum: Narrating the charm of the Orient

                  Set to open on July 2, the Hong Kong Palace Museum will display over 900 items from the Palace Museum in Beijing, including first-class cultural relics.

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                  China's efforts in World Heritage Sites conservation

                  China has made great endeavors to maintain and strengthen local characteristics to protect its cultural civilization for the benefit of both the current and future generations.


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                  New EV battery packs extra power

                  Battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd on Thursday unveiled its Qilin battery that boasts the highest utilization efficiency in the world.

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